T-One Vision offers a range of business solutions, addressing our client's requirements at every phase of the IT life-cycle. – from consultancy, to infrastructure implementation, to success application and seamless operations.
Our goal is to use technology to increase your business's efficiency, effectively reducing downtime and dramatically increasing revenue -- making T-One your most reliable, trustworthy partner in delivering complete IT solutions

T-ONE Vision's approach encompasses end-to-end life cycle services. We can be called in to help at any point of the process – from assisting in the initial analysis of your business's needs, to identifying areas of lost revenue.
We can also offer our services in IT design architecture, redesigning business processes and the overall flow of deployment and integration. Our goal is to use  technology to increase efficiency, effectively reducing downtime and dramatically increasing revenue.



T-ONE Visions approach encompasses end to end life cycle services. From assisting in the initial analysis of business requirement, to identifying area of revenue lost. Assisting in IT design architecture, redesigning business processes and deployment and integration. Our goal is to utilize technology to increase efficiency, effectively reducing downtime and dramatically increasing revenue.

•Network design and planning, from schematics and blue-prints to installations,  maintenance, and security.
•Performance optimization, to ensure that our clients get the best for their money and the most from their projects, maximizing the rate of returns for their invested time, money and work.
•Cloud migration – we help you keep your data safe, secure and accessible anytime, anywhere.
•Security control, online, offline and even to the data center's premises,  for your company and client's peace of mind.
•Back up and recovery services to make sure your business flows smoothly with the least disruptions possible.
• Disaster recovery planning  (DRP)  design and implementation
• Application development, ranging from time-monitoring, ID access and library check-outs to integrating HR and payroll applications with a new system
• Unified communication -- integrating voice, web, video, instant messaging, text and collaborative applications seamlessly, on a single network, wide area network, or over the internet.



T-One Vision is a full-service information technology company with three pillars as its core strengths.  This is what we offer.

• Unified Communications – you give us the details about the components of your various communications systems, we can come up with a solution that lets them work together with ease, streamlining the processes and ensuring a more efficient work-flow.
• Data Networking Integration – A business's health depends on the speed and the smooth flow of its data. We can assist in optimizing and integrating the networks that support your business communications and information.
• Data Center Solutions – Do you and your co-investors want to set up a call center? A back-up data center for your multinational company's expansion needs? We can help you.
• Premises Security and Control – From designing the data security settings to setting up the security cameras and monitoring system for your data center, we've got you covered.
• Network security – From home businesses to big business, keeping data safe and secure is key to keeping the business healthy. We have the expertise to provide custom solutions to our clients.
• Application Software Development – You have a need to improve something within your current IT infrastructure, system or set-up, we can design an application to help you fulfill it.



T-One Vision offers full consulting and support services throughout the entire technological life-cycle.

From conception to realization, from blue-prints and schematics to cabling and even security monitoring, T-One Vision has the background, the experience, the resources and the experts to help you fulfill your business's end goals by designing, creating, implementing and supporting a IT system that lets you do the work – without worrying about how to set up the systems that support it. T-One Vision is prepared to help you along every step of the way.

•Systems Integration and Support Service
•Technical Planning and Development
•Project Management
•Operations Management – Analysis, audit and optimization
•Structural Cabling
•Maintenance Support