We follow the technology life cycle throughout these stages. We meet and talk with interested clients about their needs, their time-line, their budget and their expectations, and assess the situation to come up with the best possible designs to address the issues of note.

  • Develop the Business Case and Plan
  • Manage Project Deployment
  • Assess Network Readiness, Operations and Applications
  • Develop Deployment Plans

With agreed-upon goals firmly in mind, we come up with the final over-all project plan based on the numbers, the figures, the budget and the deliverables set by the client, and get to work.

  • Design the System
  • Develop Specialized Applications

From project plans we roll out implementation in stages which can  include sourcing, acquisition, delivery, testing, and installation –as well as integration and 'road-testing' beta versions to identify and isolate any kinks or bugs in the system.

  • Stage the System
  • Implement the System
  • Integrate Specialized Applications
  • Test System Acceptance


In the 'go-live' event, we let the system run under actual field conditions to get feedback, and iron out the issues that surface when a new system is subjected to the demands it is built for.

This is the stage where we get to observe, tweak and consolidate the refining and finishing touches, as well as rework the procedural and operations instructions for clarity and helpfulness.

  • Support and Troubleshoot the System
  • Complete moves, additions and changes
  • Monitor and Manage the System


At this stage our partnership with our clients come to full bloom when we both assess the impact of the changes to our client's bottom line and business outlook.

We check to see how much our deliverables have met our client's expectations, and monitor the changes to ensure that we supplied what we promised: to help the client increase revenue and efficiency with our solutions, and help make their business run better.

  • Align to Business Case
  • Assess Technologies and System
  • Improve Operations
  • Audit