LONGSE 5-in-1 Video Recorder

5 Signals, One Box, Many Possibilities

Supporting up to 4K HD resolution, Longse provides a wide range of XVR that ranges from home based CCTV systems to a business CCTV system. The XVR ranges from 4, 8, 16 and 32 Channels with video qualities ranging from 1080p, 5M and up to 4K HD resolution. Keeping the footage high quality for the service you need.

All XVRs feeds are also accessible through Bitvision, Longse’s smartphone app, making any footage reachable through your fingertips.

1080N XVR

4/8/16/32 Channel

H.265+/H.265 4K XVR

4/8 Channel
(2M/3M/4M@30fps, 5M@20fps, 8M@15fps)

H.265+/H.265 5M XVR

4/8/16/32 Channel
(2M@15fps, 3M@9fps, 4M@8fps, 5M@6fps)

H.265+/H.265 4K XVR

4/8/16 Channel
(2M@30fps, 3M@18fps, 4M@15fps, 5M@12fps, 8M@8fps)

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