Footfall Counter

Learn more about your customers and your own business with the Footfall Counter.


Learn more about your customers, what attracts them, what are the peak hours and how often they frequent your business.

FootfallCam is the people counting solutions that you need. It brings together a product that is accurate and reliable; counting visitors and product interaction.

From the hardware detecting not only the customer’s physical attributes but also their phones’ IMEI to the software that collects these important information making this the perfect combination for your retail business.


The hardware device is light, sleek and blends well in any retail environment. With just a simple installation and wifi access, this footfall camera will not just gather customer traction and sales opportunities but also prioritize safety and security.

Footfall Camera Specs


Device Dimension

Device Dimensions (WxDxH): 246mm x 46mm x 28mm
Packing Dimensions (WxDxH): 255mm x 210mm x 55mm


2 x 5MP resulutions 
Lens: 140° / 100° / 65° 
– Versatile ceiling height suitability for most installation environment.




Aluminum oxide alloy, Water and dust resistant


Micro SD, 8 GB memory

Tracking Technology

3D- Spacing Mapping Video tracking technology , 
Background removal on static object


 2.1metres to 4.5metres.

5x Metrics in One Device

  • Footfall Counting
  • Outside Traffic
  • Dwell Time
  • Returning Customers
  • Cross Shopping
  • Zone Analysis
  • Traffic Flow Analysis

Uncompromise Accuracy

  • Distinguished random movement
  • Eliminate U-turn counts
  • Children are excluded from counters
  • Eliminate shadow counts

With 60+ preset reports at hand, Footfall Camera’s software gathers the information from its hardware and compiles the information in different formats that suits your and your business’ preferences.


What can Footfall Cam do for you?
Footfall Cam
Footfall Cam
Footfall Cam
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