Sapphire Eye® Module

Get the most out of your Wi-Fi

7SIGNAL Sapphire Eye 2200

Sapphire Eye

The #1 enterprise Wireless Network Monitoring (WNM) that can find and fix Wi-Fi issues from anywhere.
It contains a system-wide WLAN visibility that determines if issue are either wired, wireless or client device related. A suitable companion that merges end use experience data and service level quality that complements your access points .

Monitoring & Assurance Capabilities

Synthetic Tests (L1-L7)

  • Automated, continuous process, Wi-Fi & Ethernet interfaces
  • Association, authentication, DHCP testing

RF analysis (L1-L2)

  • Automated, continuous process
  • 40 different performance indicators for each AP, channel, antenna
  • Access point settings, capabilities, signal levels, channels, noise levels

Troubleshooting Passive and Actives Tests

  • Remote, manual process for troubleshooting purposes
  • Full array of tests may be scheduled manually to each sensor
  • Sensors may be assigned to perform the additional tests without interrupting automated monitoring process

Synthetic Tests (L1-L7)

  • Passive test, automated process
  • 500 performance indicators for each client, SSID, AP, band, antenna
  • Radio frame header analysis for traffic flow between clients and access points

Spectrum analysis (L1)

  • High resolution 2.4 and 5 GHz spectrum analysis
  • Chart types include waterfall, line and 3D
  • Historical spectrum data saved for 3 months

Full packet capture (L1- L2)

  • Remote, manual process for troubleshooting purposes
  • Easy export to packet level analyzer, like Wireshark
  • Performed without interruption to automated monitoring process

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