February 6, 2020

A step forward for T-One Vision, Vitaecom & Telekonnectors

(From Left to Right) Chandrasekaran Saravanan, Ranganathan Manigandan, Johnny R. Barias, Carlo Aguas, Hana Owens, Jojo Zacarias, and Adrian Lim

  Last January 31, 2020 celebrated the start of the collaboration between T-One Vision, Vitaecom and Telekonnectors in the new project of the government provided by telco companies called Emergency Response and Dispatch Center.
            Emergency Response and Dispatch Center will be the Philippines’ version of the nationwide 911 hotline. Creating a system that takes into account the callers concerns and dispatching it to the corresponding responder. Unifying the different municipals and cities hotlines into one, allowing a smoother system to run for operators and responders alike, as well as be easy and memorable for LGUs then eventually nationwide.
            With the collaboration of Vitaecom, a Customer Engagement Software developer company based in Singapore, and Telekonnectors, designers and manufacturers of enterprise communication server, a telco grade communication platform, based in India, T-One Vision has put this all together into place to help LGUs fulfil their requirements in times of emergencies with the goal of speed, efficiency and accessibility in mind.
            With efforts and hard work such as these, T-One Vision, as well as our collaborators, has taken a step forward to making Philippines’ Safe City a reality.

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